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I am trying to collect information about Basenjis from all over the world. The website and database is intended for the community of Basenji lovers worldwide who I hope will help me gather as much information as possible. My focus is on Basenji pedigrees and I would appreciate it to also host Basenji pedigrees reaching back to the very beginning of Basenji breeding.

Keep in mind that the database will be updated every day.
Total Basenjis: 102643
Total Males: 48815
Total Females: 53692
Total Champions: 14197
Total Countries: 26
Total Kennels: 202


The information contained herein this database is provided by a variety of sources , included but not limited to, pedigrees, websites, verbal and written communications. While The Basenji Pedigree Archive believes the information to be accurate, it does not guarantee its accuracy and assumes no liability to anyone for error.

By creating a database as this, I put a lot of info and pictures. Pictures where no issue befor, because it was privatly on my computer. By getting online it is now possible that their are pictures present without permission. This issue will be solved asap but is no priority for me at this moment. To be honest, i cant believe that a breeder is having a problem to let their picture to be a part of this project, because the Basenji of the picture is getting extra attention. Have patience with me with that. I'm spending a lot of time every day getting the data more and more updated and more reliable.

This database is totally accessible and working and some layouts can change with time.